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4月13号为期4次提高沟通能力的实战培训结束, 资深导师Joe Wang 给出切身案例,练习练习再练习, 从 一头雾水到快速记住场景,再跟据提问题的几种结构问出尽量多的信息。最后在被对方拒绝情况下,仍然可以有4种方式继续提问重而收复失地,原满收官,这是一种不断练习,适用所有场景的软技能! 受益良多! 十分感谢Joe Wang 的知识共享和无偿付出.

CPMP – 提高沟通能力的实战培训

[Party]CPMP 重磅培训 下周日[Party] [Party]隆重推出:沟通重技[Party] [Party]高效提问:精典案例[Party] [Party]小組练习,人人参与[Party] [Party] 会员,义工, 试听免费[Party] 🔥3月13周日10-11:45am🔥 You are invited to a Zoom meeting. When: Mar 13, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US […]

2022 Professional Career Development Forum and Virtual Job Fair

Event Goal: To support university students, recent graduates and newcomer professionals for co-op, early career and career development opportunities Event Date: Feb 22,2022 (2-5pm EST) Engineering/Public Service/IT/Startup […]

CPMP and IIBA successfully hosted Webinar: Shift the delivery paradigm from Project to Product

 CPMP and IIBA successfully hosted Webinar on Wednesday Night: Shift the delivery paradigm from Project to Product  It was very excited to have the chance to listen to the experts […]