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CPMP 微信公众号正式启动

CPMP 微信公众号正式启动



为了更好的为会员提供第一手的资料,CPMP 已成功创立了微信公众号。我们会定期在公众号上分享成功人士经验,CPMP 活动信息,职场最新趋势和动向和其它友好公司内部职位空缺等资讯。希望能帮助阁下在仕途上更上一层楼!

请用微信扫描一下二维码关注CPMP 公众号。谢谢!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Chinese Project Management Association of Canada (CPMP).  We are here to serve you!

In our constantly changing job market, effective communication has became the most important gateway to success!

Focusing on helping you succeed, CPMP has created a WeChat public account where we will share important information such as: personal success stories from our members, upcoming CPMP events from our Board of Directors, new job market trends from business leaders/executives, and job opportunities and postings from our business partners.

Please scan the QR image below to subscribe to CPMP public account. Thank you!


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