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1. 怎样有效地沟通
2. 怎样获得同事和领导的支持
3. 如何在办公室政治中游刃有余


时间:2017年4月22日 周六 上午 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
地点:Room , Scarborough Civic Centre
地址:150 Borough Dr, Toronto, ON M1P 4N7
停车:Scarborough Civic Centre 和 Scarborough Town Centre Shopping Mall访客免费停车,附近有计费停车场

前10张晨鸟价格 $15
次10张晨鸟价格 $20
再次10张晨鸟价格 $25

Registration Link

PDU: 3点

票务热线:Leo Li WeChat (leolicanada2016), Joshua Cai Cell/WeChat (+14168364087)
赞助机会:Leo Li WeChat (leolicanada2016)
资深讲师: Uri Galimidi, MSc, MBA
简介:Uri获得生物医药工程和MBA学位,是注册ICF认证企业教练。曾在Accenture South Africa, Oracle USA, and PwC Canada任资深咨询师,帮助C级执行官和其下属团队开发商业策略,推进企业结构制度改革。在过去8年,他从咨询领域转向培训、职业教练、组织转型和个人发展。



Beyond Merit
Skills That Help You Propel Your Career Forwards
Professional Development Series 201704

New to the job?
Looking to advance?

There is more to your career than just “putting your head down” and deliver. How would you achieve your career goal that your gut wants? In this workshop Uri will share three advanced skills which will help you advance your career as far as you care to dream of it. The workshop is based on the Executive Coaching Uri gained while working with CEOs, VPs, Directors, and Managers and thought leaders such as Warren Bennis and John C. Maxwell.

1. Communicating with impact
2. Making the most of you Advocate and Mentors
3. Navigating the political landscape

Time: Saturday, 22nd April 2017, 9:00AM – 12:30PM
Location: Room TBA, Scarborough Civic Centre
Address: 150 Borough Dr, Toronto, ON M1P 4N7
Parking: Free at Scarborough Civic Centre and Scarborough Town Centre Shopping Mall, paid parking available

First ten tickets, $15/person
Second ten tickets, $20/person
Third ten tickets, $25/person
Last ten tickets, $30/person
Ticket will be sold on first come, first serve basis.

PDU: 3 points

Contact: Leo Li WeChat (leolicanada2016), Joshua Cai Cell/WeChat (+14168364087)
Sponsorship Opportunity: Leo Li WeChat (leolicanada2016)

Speaker Biography

Uri Galimidi, MSc, MBA
Uri spent most of his career in senior consultancy positions, including Accenture South Africa, Oracle USA, and PwC Canada. He has helped C-Level clients and their teams develop business strategies and implement complex enterprise transformation projects. In past 8 years, he transitioned from active consulting to mentoring, coaching, writing, and speaking on leadership, organizational transformation, and personal development. He has MSc in biomedical engineering and MBA. He is an ICF certified Corporate Coach.
Professional Development Series 2017 is brought to you by CPMPAC, a not-for-profit to promote and educate project management excellence.



As a part of the workshop, we invited  you to complete the on-line Career Mastery Assessment.

The assessment covers some of the topics that Uri will present at our workshop.

Once you complete the assessment you will receive your Career Mastery Score.

To access the Career Mastery Assessment go to the following link:

Please note that your responses are completely confidential and your details will not be shared with anyone.

Also note, that you are invited to complete the assessment even if you cannot attend the workshop.

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